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Protecting Pharmacists with Custom Physical Barriers

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According to a 2015 report from the U.S. Department of Justice’s Office of Community Oriented Policing Services, “Pharmacy robbery is a serious and growing problem. … [R]obberies of pharmacies in the United States increased 82 percent from 2006 to 2011.”  The report’s authors hasten to add that this phenomenon is not limited to the United States.  There are similar trends …

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Hospital Architecture: Designing for Service and for Safety

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Healthcare projects pose a unique, interlocking set of challenges for architects.  Some the challenges  include complex HVAC requirements, strict regulations and ongoing operational cost containment. These challenges are compounded by limited access to capital—which often falls short when it comes to executing the best engineering solutions. And that’s just the physical systems; the programmatic requirements and realities of daily healthcare operations add …


Bullet Proof Glass for Small­ Business Owners

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Family-run pharmacies, 24-hour gas stations/convenience stores, check cashers, jewelers, gold buyers, pawn shops, cell phone stores: Different products, different business models, different customer bases and hours of operations, different regulations, different trade groups—seemingly nothing in common.  But as Total Security Solutions CEO Jim Richards points out, “different businesses, same security.”  Over the course of decades designing, engineering, and installing bullet …

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Small Businesses: An Ounce of Prevention Is More Affordable Than You Think

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Total Security Solutions understands the pressures on small and mid-sized businesses.  Security measures like bulletproof glass, bullet resistant counters, bulletproof package passers, and bulletproof transaction windows might seem like extra expenses that are hard to justify. But constantly worrying about the safety of your workers isn’t a great alternative.  Total Security Solutions is committed to helping you work within your …

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Rising Number of Pharmacy Robberies Demands Increased Security

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When compared to businesses such as banks, convenience stores or pawn shops, pharmacies seem like a less likely customer for bulletproof glass. However, with the rapidly increasing abuse of narcotic pain killers, the number of pharmacy hold-ups nationwide has dramatically increased. Even the Salvation Army is not immune to such crime. In Stevens Point, Wisconsin Salvation Army recently installed bulletproof …

Long Island Senator Calls for Tougher Security Against Pharmacy Robberies

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An article on reported on Senator Charles Schumer’s plan to increase security after a second fatal pharmacy robbery on Long Island in 2011. The first incident occurred in June 2011 when “David Laffer shot and killed four people before walking out with thousands of prescription drugs.” In December 2011, a suspect, as well as an off-duty federal agent, were shot …