Total Security Solutions is sharing their expertise on bulletproof projects in a free online Certified CEU Course specifically for architects.

Certified CEU Course On Bulletproof Barriers For Architects

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At TSS, we have decades of experience with bulletproof barrier design and implementation and we believe in sharing our expertise with others. To that end, we are now offering a free, online Certified CEU Course For Architects on the fundamentals of bullet-resistant security. This course covers the basics of bulletproof …

Energy Saving Glazing Options Cut Energy Costs

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Ancient forms of architectural glass were far too costly for everyday use and were reserved for the most important buildings in Rome. It wasn’t until the early 1950s that glass windows were widely available. We continue to push the evolution of glass windows today. Engineers are now exploring how energy saving …

smart buildings are technologically-advanced structures that are designed to these solutions can improve an organization's bottom line while improving the quality of life for the people inside.

Integrating Security Into the Growing Smart Building Market

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It’s no wonder theEdge in Amsterdam has been touted as the world’s smartest building. Everything is connected to the Internet. Lighting, temperature controls – even espresso machines and bathroom towel dispensers – are linked to central dashboards that track usage patterns and adjust settings or send alerts, accordingly. Employees use …

The Human Element of Physical Security Design

How the Human Element Affects Physical Security Design

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“Too often people look at security as a fix that can be dropped in place,” notes Jim Richards, CEO of Total Security Solutions, the nation’s leading custom bulletproof systems designer, fabricator, and installer. “People assume it’s mostly a matter of swapping out standard windows and doors for bullet resistant ones. …

gaps in physical security can be caused by employees being too trusting and polite.

How “Nice People” Create Critical Physical Security Gaps

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What’s the top physical security challenge for corporate offices: Active shooter? Angry protestors? Disgruntled employees? Terrorism? Armed robbery? No. The number one thing causing gaps in physical security, according to most security and facilities managers: People being too polite. Office security is regularly hamstrung by workers swiping their keycard and holding …

attractive, modern bulletproof barrier designed specifically for the San Diego Healing Center

Attractive Bulletproof Barrier Design

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Modern. Clean lines. High Visibility. Upscale. Bulletproof. Which one of these doesn’t belong? While there is a strong perception that beauty and security cannot go hand-in-hand, attractive bulletproof barriers are totally possible. In some situations, a more pronounced bulletproof barrier design is exactly what the space and company requires. If …

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Architects Can Find a Partner in Bulletproof Experts

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An increasing number of clients are considering or requiring bullet resistant elements in their projects.  But few architects or firms see these projects regularly enough to be truly up-to-date on the intricacies of designing integrated, attractive bullet resistant barriers.  It’s easy to slip up, and fail to account for weight, cost, availability, …