Workplace violence and deaths are on the rise in retail environments, especially in big box stores, gas stations and convenience stores where owners are considering bulletproof barriers as a deterrent.

Deterrence and Convenience Store Security

Convenience Store Security

Although there is some good news in retail security – including another year of decreasing losses to robberies and shoplifting – working in retail is increasingly dangerous. The National Center for Victims of Crime reports that 26.3% of the victims of workplace homicide work in retail – even though retail workers …

There are several low and high tech ways to protect convenience store employees and customers from robbery and other crimes including bulletproof barriers, video cameras and a well-thought out security plan.

Four Ways to Protect Convenience Store Employees

Convenience Store Security

There are currently more than 135,000 convenience stores in the United States, and the number of stores continues to climb. However, it is shocking to hear that while convenience stores represent just a fraction of the nation’s 3.8 million retail establishments, they account for roughly 6% of robberies reported to …


Bullet Proof Glass for Small­ Business Owners

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Family-run pharmacies, 24-hour gas stations/convenience stores, check cashers, jewelers, gold buyers, pawn shops, cell phone stores: Different products, different business models, different customer bases and hours of operations, different regulations, different trade groups—seemingly nothing in common.  But as Total Security Solutions CEO Jim Richards points out, “different businesses, same security.” …

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Small Businesses: An Ounce of Prevention Is More Affordable Than You Think

Bullet Proof Glass, Bullet Resistant Barriers, Bulletproof Protection, Convenience Store Security, Pharmacy Security

Total Security Solutions understands the pressures on small and mid-sized businesses.  Security measures like bulletproof glass, bullet resistant counters, bulletproof package passers, and bulletproof transaction windows might seem like extra expenses that are hard to justify. But constantly worrying about the safety of your workers isn’t a great alternative.  Total …

Preventable bulletproof glass mistakes

Avoid Potential Bullet Proof Glass Construction Project Mistakes

Bullet Proof Glass, Bullet Resistant Barriers, Bullet Resistant Materials, Convenience Store Security

Integrating bullet-resistant glass into new or retrofit construction requires special considerations, such as which security level is required or how to properly support the weight. As a designer or architect utilizing bullet-resistant glass for the first time, you may have a lot of questions on how to get started. This …