Government buildings and facilities security should be designed not only for the moment of an attack, but for daily operations and the human element that exists in the building every day.

Government Facility Security Designed for Humans

Government Buildings

As international security expert Luke Bencie highlighted in a recent interview, security—and especially government facility security—always boils down to “the human factor.” Or, really, the human factors. Bencie highlighted the two-sided coin of target vs. attacker. Understanding these perspectives is vital to any proper security assessment. But integrating your assessment’s …

American culture, one where most people try to be polite and follow the rules, may be compromising security in certain sectors, specifically government building security.

American Culture’s Effect on Government Building Security

Government Buildings

In the United States, niceness—our tendency to hear someone out, follow instructions, and extend the benefit of the doubt—makes it much easier to ensure government building security. “From my experience,” explains Luke Bencie, managing director at Security Management International, “Americans are nice: if you give them a good reason why …