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Physical Barriers For Utilities Offices Add Emotional Safety


People are often surprised to learn that physical barriers for utility offices are being installed more frequently. Who in their right mind is going to try and rob a power company? Do those payment centers even take cash? But there’s something in that office far more important than the payments. As …

TSS creates custom bulletproof barriers for utility and electric co-op offices that meet the unique safety challenges the offices face, including remote or rural locations, large sums of cash on hand, and small staff.

Bullet Proof Barriers for Utility and Electric Co-op Offices


While electrical cooperatives are a relatively small part of the total electricity market (about 15 percent of the U.S. population is part of a co-op) they’re responsible for maintaining close to half of the nation’s electric distribution lines. Remote locations, wide service areas, and lots of cash on hand present unique security challenges for their …

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Protecting Rural Utility Offices


Many utility companies and service providers worry that added security will both bog down business and give the customers the impression that workers are trying to separate themselves from their clientele. Many companies do not realize that bullet resistant barrier systems have come a long way in term of design and aesthetics that allow them to blend seamlessly into the existing work environment.

Clark Energy Utility Office Bullet Resistant Barrier

Ideal Bullet Proof Barrier Systems for Utility Offices


Every day, between 5,500 and 7,600 Americans are victims of workplace violence. Among the workers most at-risk according to OSHA (the Occupational Safety and Health Administration) are those who interact directly with the public, handle cash or other payments, have to resolve complaints and disputes arising from overdue utility bills, …

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Bullet Proof Security for Utilities Offices


People are often surprised when Total Security Solutions vice president Jim Richards mentions he’s designing bullet proof security for utilities offices. But both private and municipal utilities offices are fairly regular clients for Jim, especially electric, water, and cable services. These offices—usually located in town halls or municipal office centers—do …