Banks recovering from natural disasters experience extra pressure on security and keeping business operations running.

Natural Disaster Recovery, Banks, and Bulletproof Security

Bank Security

Earthquakes, hurricanes, wildfires—recent headlines are a grim reminder of the importance of business continuity planning for speedy disaster recovery. This is especially the case for banks, credit unions, and local non-bank financial service providers (like check cashers). When it comes to natural disaster recovery, banks have extra pressure to move quickly. In the immediate …

The best bulletproof glass for cell phone stores is likely Level 1 UL-rated bulletproof glass.

Best Bullet Proof Glass for Cell Phone Stores

Bullet Proof Glass

In the last few years there have been many viral videos of cell phone store armed robberies. They range from the classically stupid to downright terrifying. It has left many store owners asking: what is the best bulletproof glass for cell phone stores? Before we answer that, let’s take a …

Bulletproof barriers have become more common in police stations due to a spike in ambush attacks on law enforcement

Fewer Armed Officers, Heavier Police Station Protection

Police Safety

According to the FBI, roughly one-third of our nation’s 1.1 million local law enforcement offices are non-sworn staff. These are records clerks and desk staff, radio dispatchers, correctional officers, jailers, and so on. Non-sworn staff usually don’t carry sidearms or have arrest power. Nonetheless, they face much of the same on-the-job abuse …