As a growing number of districts consider digital surveillance systems, skeptics also raise concerns that misinterpreted data could result in too many false positives.

School Safety & Privacy Under Digital Surveillance Systems


Are students safer in school districts that watch their every move on social media? Some schools have started using digital surveillance systems to monitor students’ social media posts. This has prompted privacy advocates to question administrators about the responsible use of social media monitoring tools. As a growing number of …

School shootings are not unique to the United States; it helps to understand this when school safety planning.

School Safety Planning: Think Broadly, Plan Specifically


The school year is done. It’s a good time to take a deep breath and a clear-eyed look at school safety planning. But that can be harder than it seems. The most recent headlines about catastrophic events dominated the school security conversation. But these eye-catching tragedies often have little to …

As you look into federal school safety grants, expect to find intricate application requirements, tiered funding limitations, dollar matching requirements, or regional preferences. 

3 Tips for Securing School Safety Grants


When it comes to school safety grants, most people focus on federal programs—and for good reason. For example, the Department of Justice awarded more than $70 million in school safety grants this year. FEMA is likewise offering $60 million in nonprofit security improvement grants this year alone.  (That’s more than …

Hospitals, schools, businesses and other facilities are taking a look at sophisticated visitor management systems that help improve security.

Visitor Management Systems Improve Security

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It may be the endgame for old-fashioned logbooks as more schools and hospitals consider improving security with visitor management systems, and other modern, integrated solutions. Education and healthcare administrators face similar challenges as they wrestle with growing security threats. They typically operate multiple locations, all with high visitor traffic. Some facilities …

physical security

When Physical Security Affects Cybersecurity

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On March 30 the Secret Service arrested Yujing Zhang, a 32-year-old Chinese national, at the Trump-owned Mar-a-Lago resort (where President Trump frequently spends weekends). The charge? Suspicion of being a “foreign agent.” At the time she was carrying an alarming trove of spy gear: two passports four separate cellphones five …

church safety committee

Having A Church Safety Conversation in Your Community


Minority communities have long grappled with threats to their houses of worship and religious communities. But, for most Americans, until now the idea of a “church safety committee” seemed totally absurd. As Michael Masters, National Director and CEO of Secure Community Network, said following the October 2018 shooting targeting members …