Some businesses are misrepresenting window security film as bulletproof film, when there is no such thing.

“Bulletproof” Film (Still) Doesn’t Stop Bullets

Bullet Proof Glass

Once again, we’re hearing a lot about “bulletproof” film for windows. In theory these low-cost aftermarket plastic treatments give existing tempered glass windows the ability to stop speeding bullets. Schools are especially interested in these films, which are often advertised as a viable DIY bullet-proofing solution for facilities with tight budgets. In …

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Local Newsroom Security And Bulletproof Glass

General Security

With violence against journalists around the world making headlines, local newsroom security is becoming more top-of-mind. According to the U.S. Press Freedom Tracker, journalists were assaulted 45 times in 2017.  On 43 of those occasions, the reporters were covering a local demonstration, event, or crime scene.  In the first nine …

Threats to journalists or those who work in the media are nothing new, but recent shootings and continued workplace violence has prompted some media offices to upgrade their security protocol and equipment.

Newsroom Security Threats and Prevention

General Security

Death threats are nothing new for journalists. Some reporters see them as a badge of honor, believing danger comes with the job when you’re seeking to uncover the truth. But a recent incident at the Capital Gazette in Annapolis, Maryland, rattled even the most hardened pros when a gunman, bearing a long-held …

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Healthcare Facility Security is “People Dependent”

Healthcare Saftey

HIPAA and data breaches grab the headlines when it comes to healthcare facility security. But an increasing number of healthcare facilities are focusing on their physical security. Total Security Solutions sees an increasing number of inquiries from a wide array of healthcare providers: pharmacies, mental health providers, networks of family planning clinics, …

The healing Center - TSS Bulletproof Glass Installation

Designing Physical Security for Healthcare Facilities

Healthcare Saftey

Designing physical security for healthcare facilities is a delicate balancing act.  Even more so than usual, administrators, workers, and clients are sensitive to the aesthetics, as well as their safety and privacy. “This is often already a tense situation,” says Total Security Solutions CEO Jim Richards. “People are often nervous if …

Although facial recognition technologies have an established track record in several markets, no system is perfect, and time will tell if its use in schools keeps students and staff safer.

Using Facial Recognition Technologies for School Safety

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As students head back to school in the coming weeks, they may have to adjust to more than new teachers and piles of homework. Many will encounter beefed-up security procedures – adding school resource officers or new access control or video surveillance and facial recognition technologies designed to keep them safe. This year’s tragic …

Workplace violence and deaths are on the rise in retail environments, especially in big box stores, gas stations and convenience stores where owners are considering bulletproof barriers as a deterrent.

Deterrence and Convenience Store Security

Convenience Store Security

Although there is some good news in retail security – including another year of decreasing losses to robberies and shoplifting – working in retail is increasingly dangerous. The National Center for Victims of Crime reports that 26.3% of the victims of workplace homicide work in retail – even though retail workers …

Gas station security is a top priority for fuel center owners across the country as gas station cashiers are at higher risk than any other non-law enforcement profession.

Gas Station Security Challenges Independent Fuel Centers

Gas Station Security

Over the last several decades working in retail environments has become increasingly dangerous. Not only are retail workers more likely to be threatened with harm, but they are also more likely to be killed. Roughly one-third of all workplace deaths happen in a retail location. Gas station security is of particular interest right …

Bullet resistant glass comes in several UL-Rated levels including the popular and commonly used Levels 1-3.

Comparing Forced-Entry, Blast-Rated and Bulletproof Glass

Bullet Proof Glass

Spend a few minutes searching the internet and you’ll find tons of images and videos showing hardcore tests performed on so-called bulletproof glass, forced-entry glass and blast-rated glass. No doubt, these materials get put through the wringer to prove their worth and satisfy the curious – what would happen if we …

Custom Physical Security for Corporate Offices are becoming increasingly popular across a number of industries including retail, manufacturing, healthcare, finance, and more.

2018 Trend: Custom Corporate Security Systems

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“Since the start of the year, we’re finding that physical security for C-level executives is more of a focus,” notes Total Security Solutions CEO Jim Richards. “That’s nothing really new. The guy in the corner office has always had a little more to worry about when it comes to security. But at one …