There are four words to remember when responding during an active shooter event: detection, deterrence delay, and defeat.

The Four Ds of Active Shooter Response

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The standard response time for emergency and rescue services in the United States is on average 4 to 11 minutes. That’s less time than it takes to microwave a potato — and yet it still isn’t fast enough in an active shooter event. Knowing the four Ds of active shooter response …

Nearly one in five U.S. homeowners have experienced package theft due to porch pirates in the last year, according to a recent survey

4 Ways to Prevent Porch Pirate Theft

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The growth of online shopping has exploded over the last five years. As avid consumers, we love its convenience, but the increase in package deliveries has given rise to a frustrating crime. Our purchases often rest on our front porches like sitting ducks, easy targets for package-stealing “porch pirates.” While …

Bulletproof barrier systems provide physical security as well as emotional security for employees and staff in high threat work environments

Bulletproof Barriers that Make Every Workday Easier

Bullet Resistant Barriers

The past decade has seen a significant shift in bulletproof barriers. This goes beyond just improved aesthetics and engineering. At a fundamental level, the design goals themselves have evolved. “We’ve evolved past just thinking about shootings or robberies,” explains Total Security Solutions CEO Jim Richards. “Because even if no one fires …

Replacing PA systems with Mass Notification Emergency Communication Systems to improve safety procedures during active shooter events.

Using MNEC Systems During Active Shooter Events

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Before the people in your building can lock the doors, call 9-1-1, or kick their ALICE training into action, they need to know something is happening. That gap—between the Very Bad Thing beginning and the people most at risk knowing about it—is painfully long. It is also the period during …

Energy Saving Glazing Options Cut Energy Costs

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Ancient forms of architectural glass were far too costly for everyday use and were reserved for the most important buildings in Rome. It wasn’t until the early 1950s that glass windows were widely available. We continue to push the evolution of glass windows today. Engineers are now exploring how energy saving …

Government buildings and facilities security should be designed not only for the moment of an attack, but for daily operations and the human element that exists in the building every day.

Government Facility Security Designed for Humans

Government Buildings

As international security expert Luke Bencie highlighted in a recent interview, security—and especially government facility security—always boils down to “the human factor.” Or, really, the human factors. Bencie highlighted the two-sided coin of target vs. attacker. Understanding these perspectives is vital to any proper security assessment. But integrating your assessment’s …

American culture, one where most people try to be polite and follow the rules, may be compromising security in certain sectors, specifically government building security.

American Culture’s Effect on Government Building Security

Government Buildings

In the United States, niceness—our tendency to hear someone out, follow instructions, and extend the benefit of the doubt—makes it much easier to ensure government building security. “From my experience,” explains Luke Bencie, managing director at Security Management International, “Americans are nice: if you give them a good reason why …

smart buildings are technologically-advanced structures that are designed to these solutions can improve an organization's bottom line while improving the quality of life for the people inside.

Integrating Security Into the Growing Smart Building Market

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It’s no wonder theEdge in Amsterdam has been touted as the world’s smartest building. Everything is connected to the Internet. Lighting, temperature controls – even espresso machines and bathroom towel dispensers – are linked to central dashboards that track usage patterns and adjust settings or send alerts, accordingly. Employees use …