Ballistic Counters

Integrating countertops into a complete bullet-resistant barrier system while matching the wood and/or other materials featured in your space is a service we provide to spare you the hassle of having to hire a mill worker. Ideal for any facility, Ballistic counters use layered, reinforced, structural polyester laminate (fiberglass) with excellent bullet resistant characteristics, in combination with finishes ranging from plastic laminate, stainless steel and solid surface. Provides security ranging from UL Level 1 through UL Level 8.


Stainless Steel Counter

Ideal as service countertops for pass thru windows. Good for high traffic areas since the material is very durable. 18 ga. brushed stainless steel countertop with #4 finish.

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Wood Plastic Laminate Countertops


Counters are composed of wood composite with plastic laminate finish. Ideal as service countertops for pass thru windows.

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