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Our bulletproof professionals have years of experience estimating, designing, building, and installing bullet-resistant barrier systems. We’ll work around your schedule and your specifications, to get the job done and get out of your way.

We have experience delivering security solutions across many different industries including: banking, healthcare, education, municipal, government, corporate, and utility. Whether the project is simple or complex, we will create a custom solution to meet your customer’s needs.

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TSS Will Assess, Plan, Deliver and Install.

Our bulletproof experts follow a strict proven process so that no detail is overlooked. We’ll work with you to ensure that your customers get the right accessories and materials for your project. We do it all in half the time of our competition.

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The Experience You Need.

We’re guessing isn’t your first project. It isn’t ours either. As a trusted leader in the bulletproof industry with 12,000+ installations to date, we bring more to the table than just our products. We bring experience that will help you make better decisions, and avoid commonly-made mistakes. If your project includes a bulletproof barrier, you’ll need a partner whose work speaks for itself.

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Resources For Contractors, Millwrights and Glaziers

Plan a Successful Project.

Our Resource Center provides videos, CAD drawings, specs and data sheets for all of the ballistic materials you need. From frames to counters, doors to windows, fiberglass and beyond — get the details and information necessary to plan a successful project.

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Full Line of Bullet-Resistant Products

Looking for something specific?

We make everything you could possibly need for a bulletproof project right in our in-house manufacturing facility. TSS offers a variety of ballistic windows, doors, drawers, trays, and 8 levels of UL-rated bulletproof glass.

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